How To Play

Our Predictor Football games are based on the underlying football league competition. The games will start scoring from the first eligible matches played until the final eligible matches played in the football league competition.

Making your Score Predictions

To predict the scores for upcoming matches, enter your score predictions next to each team.

You can enter your score predictions for each match at any time prior to the kick-off time for each match. You do not need to make your score predictions for the entire football league competition at once, you can make your score predictions week by week.

You are given Jokers each week and can earn more by inviting others to play. You will earn double points for the match fixture that you choose to use your Joker on. To use a Joker simply tick the box next to the fixture you would like to use it on.

Saving your Score Predictions

Once you have made your score predictions, you must save your score predictions to score points. To save your score predictions, click the Save button below your score predictions.

You can change your score predictions as many times as you wish before the match deadline. However, make sure you click the Save button after each change to your score predictions.

Prediction Deadlines

Score predictions for each match must be entered before the match kick-off time.

If you miss the first match on a Scorecard, you can still make score predictions for the remaining matches on that Scorecard. However, your score predictions for each match must be saved before the kick-off time to score points.

Once the match kick-off time has passed, you will not be able to enter or change your score prediction for that Scorecard.

Non-submission of Score Predictions

If you do not make and save any score predictions by the match kick-off time, you will not score points for that match.

We will keep you up to date on your score predictions by sending you regular updates on your points, current picks, non-selection, upcoming matches & deadlines.

Points Scoring

Points will be awarded as follows:

Only published match results will be used for points scoring in the Game. If any decision is reversed from what was initially reported, we will not amend the points already applied to your Scorecard.